Customer Testimonials

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Client Testimonials

“Just simply the best in caring and professional approach to our needs. Just perfect!”

“Kenny and his staff are amazing. Always available for questions we had, and very helpful in every situation. Thank you very much for your hard work always !”

“Very happy”

“The Forest Park Insurance Team gives me peace of mind. They provide us the quality services & products we need with a friendly and professional smile on the phone.”

“I reached out to Kenny for a quote on auto insurance, and what I got in return was more than any customer could ask for! Bundled all my insurance needs together for way less than I was paying previously with covered even better, and did so with excellent professionalism, and friendly conversation, both on the phone and in email, with all documents explained in detail. I really wish all my business needs were handled this way! Kenny has taken the worry out of all my insurance needs for my family. Awesome service!”

“We’ve used Kenny and Lyndsie for ALL our insurance needs for many years. We transferred our insurance policies over to their company almost 20 years ago when Don (Lyndsie’s dad) ran the company. Kenny has always responded promptly to our questions – via email and phone and even in person, though we live 50 miles away! Truly appreciate the great service and enjoy using a family run business. Love your Christmas cards!”

“Kenny & Lyndsie are amazing to work with. Very professional, prompt with their service. I appreciated their ability to help me find the coverage we needed for our home, rental property and auto while making sure it was affordable but more importantly making sure that we have the proper coverage. I can say that I feel much more secure not being with one of the “commercial” companies and their marketing gimmicks – now I know my family is covered.”

“I am so happy to have found someone to truly represent me and all my insurance needs. Kenny took time to review and listen to my current situation and the insurance I already had in force. With just a few tweeks he managed to cover some potential holes in my coverage – I can sleep at night knowing both Kenny and Lyndsie have my insurance back covered!”

“I love Kenny! My family has used Forest Park Insurance for at least ten years. Not only do they competently address all your insurance needs, but they are easily among the nicest people you will ever meet. Additionally, they do what good insurance people are supposed to do: They answer their phone and reply to email and handle any problems that might arise. I never get shifted to an 800 number for the corporate office. Recently, my front window cracked. I called Kenny and he said I would receive a phone call the next day arranging the replacement. Sure enough, the next day, the scheduler called and arranged everything I needed to get it done. My life is already too busy, and Kenny makes it better! Thank you, Kenny!”

“I have been working with Forest Park Insurance for over 15 years. They have always been so wonderful. I have three kids and we have had our share of accidents/incidents and Kenny has always been available immediately with help, answers and consideration. Now my kids have grown up and have their own insurance….with Kenny at Forest Park Insurance. They are the best and I feel very fortunate to have found them.”

“My wife and I used Forest Park Insurance to save over $500 from All State. Kenny and Lyndsie made the transition as painless as possible and did an amazing job explaining all the small details that matter. We also switched my HOA insurance over to them as they found us better rate.”

“Contacted Forest Park Insurance last spring when my fiance and I were ready to combine our car insurance policies and get new renters insurance. Kenny was so helpful and FAST! We are saving over 400$ a year and have better coverage! Our renters insurance coverage even doubled and we are paying no more on that than before. I love that we didn’t have to visit the office which was super convenient as we don’t have a lot of free time. All we had to do was fax in a few documents and sign a couple of pieces of paper! Excellent customer service and would definitely reccommend to anyone!”

“Kenny and Lyndsie assisted me in moving all my personal property and
casualty insurance to a new company. They were friendly, knowledgeable,
efficient and thorough. Kenny not only made sound suggestions for improving
my insurance program, he also smoothly coordinated coverage changes for my
out of state properties with other agents. The result was a clean, rapid
transition to a more economic insurance program, with far less hassle than
I expected”

“Kenny’s agency was recommended to us by a good friend who had worked with Kenny for a few years. Insurance can be a real pain. Kenny has been a gem to work with. My wife and I had been with State Farm for 25+ years. We recently relocated to Phoenix, Az. Kenny made the changeover process seamless and painless. it’s good to know that Kenny has our back! I would recommend Kenny’s agency to anyone looking for an honest, hardworking, responsive agent!””

“I have been a business client of Kenny and Lyndsie’s for many years. They have provided my small business insurance. Recently, my husband and I contacted Kenny and Lyndsie about our personal insurance needs. In a short period of time thanks to the Zeners, we had our total household insurance needs met by options presented by Forest Park Insurance. I appreciate their timely, personalized approach and the ease with which our communication happens. We were formerly lost in a huge insurance company that didn’t even know we existed until we switched all of our needs to Forest Park Insurance. We’re glad we did!”

“Kenny and Lyndsie have not only saved us a ton of money on our various insurance policies, but have provided us with impeccable service. They are very knowledgeable and if they don’t have an immediate answer, they get back to us very quickly. We have worked with many insurance agencies/agents over the last 35 years and Kenny and Lyndsie are by far the best. We have found a home with them and look forward to many, many years of service with them. We highly recommend Kenny and Lyndsie Zener!!”

“Kenny helped make sure we had the right coverage for all our personal needs and Forest Park Insurance has provided excellent service to our whole family for many years.”

“Kenny and his family were my parents’ insurance agents for years, and I got to know Kenny when I began handling my parents’ affairs. My husband and I were so impressed with Kenny that we began using Kenny as our agent, which is a bit strange given that Kenny is in Lake Forest Park and we live in Federal Way. However, in this day and age, it doesn’t really matter where your agent is. Kenny responds to our emails and phone calls almost immediately, he has shopped around to get us the best possible prices for the types of policies that we need and want, and his explanations and advice are great.”

“Kenny and his wife are an awesome team. We worked with then for many years and on several companies in the labor industry. They are great and if you are needing further details please let me know. Highly recommend!!!”

“Kenny has always been there when I had insurance questions and or needed something. Smart, sharp and easy to work with.”

“Top notch! It is a pleasure working with Kenny and the team at Forest Park Insurance. I’ve owned and operated businesses with various insurance and bonding needs since 1998 and have worked with several insurance agents and brokers … Kenny is the best! He is proactive and looks out for my interests, going far above and beyond merely selling insurance. He points out issues and options that I don’t even know to ask about, and my business has benefitted as a result. I am confident in the business and personal coverage that Kenny and Forest Park insurance have set up for me. Enjoyable to work with … responsible … reliable … knowledgable … I highly recommend getting to know Kenny, for insurance needs and otherwise!”

“Kenny and Lyndsie have been very accommodating with my insurance needs. For my home, boat and autos, they found us the best deals anywhere. Kenny was very helpful when I was in a no-fault auto wreck. Thanks!!”

“They are GREAT!!! What else is there to say? Very helpful folks too.”

“Kenny is responsive, informed, patient, and friendly. Setting up contractor’s insurance and bond was easy. I trusted that I received the lowest rates available.”

“I have never been more satisfied with my insurance provider! A good friend of mine recommended I call Kenny and Lyndsie when I started shopping around for new insurance and I’m so glad he did! They have been able to provide my wife and I with home and auto insurance that meet our specific needs! We were not up sold to anything and they really listened to what we needed! They both have remembered our names whenever we stop by with questions and have really made the relationship feel like they are there for us! I high recommend giving them a call and seeing how warm and genuine a greeting you will get!”

“They are the best agent I had they also look for discounts for you so you can save some money ,and also they always answer all your questions about what you want in your insurance and explains you I love doing business with them ,Kenny& Lyndsie are the right people to go to for you insurance.”

“This is great opportunity God has made to have your service. The real test (Experience)always challenging when things go wrong (Claim). We trust you quality service and look for all of us for better cost. We all Love you. Thanks.”


“Very trustworthy team. Thank you!”

“Kenny and all of his staff are very knowledgeable, we would recommend their services.”


“Kenny was informative and personable, answered all my questions. I’m very happy I chose to switch. Thank you Kenny for all your help.”

“Very professional.”


“My experience was excellent. Kenny went above and beyond trying to help. When we needed home and auto insurance, we were guided to Kenny Zener by people he had helped in the past. We were not disappointed! Kenny patiently explained our options, and he worked hard at finding good rates and coverage for us. He was always courteous and willing to listen. We feel fortunate to have found him and the staff at Forest Park Insurance.”

“Nothing but the best. Very professional and accommodating. Excellent follow through and willing to explore all alternatives to find the best product to fit our needs at the best price to fit our budget. Simply the best insurance agent and agency I have ever dealt with. They truly put their clients first.”

“The forest park company is always quick to respond, kind and personable. Thank you so much for your continued help and support. Also, thank you for working around our weird schedule.”

“Kenny you and your staff have always been great. Thank you all and have a great Thanksgiving and take care.”

“Robin went out of way and did a fantastic job giving a good quote for what I wanted. The Progressive quote covered everything I wanted and no items I didn’t need. Everything was setup right and tying into the Progressive website went extremely smooth. I am totally hooked up with Progressive and have received my documents and signed up for paperless (as she pointed out). I am overjoyed on the great job she did and the follow up calls to get it all done right. Very professional. Totally outstanding!”

“Kenny and the team are quick to respond, friendly, and approach the business with a keen focus on quality customer service. As a satisfied longtime customer, my family and I highly recommend FPIS.”

“Great family and great agency. Really gives you the education needed to make an informed decision. I would recommend Kenny and his team to anyone!”

“Keeps in touch with customers who don’t have a need to contact them.”

“All you do is great ! Best wishes”

“You hire the very best people to match your amazing skills and truly care for all your clients”

“You are incredibly responsive even though we haven’t needed you much, whenever we reach out to you we either are able to talk to you right then or we immediately get a call back.”

“Kenny is the best! always responsive to questions whenever they come up about coverage and insurance.”

“The team at Forest Park Insurance has always had our family’s back. Whether it’s a quick response to an email or the great content they provide on industry related topics, they are helpful and great to work with.”

“Prompt and friendly service.”

“I really like how quick you respond to my needs weather it’s a quote or my additionally insured certs for the contractors. It’s just nice to know I am not just a number.”

“Very friendly and professional every time I talked with them. So glad I was referred to Kenny and his office.”

“I’ve appreciated the wonderful prompt customer service. And when I’ve called with any type of question receiving an answer without delay. Also to have Kenny still fielding question, this office is truly a family affair.”

“I am so happy with them and all my family For good service Anything what I need to asking them to get the right answer. whatever it is the last 10 years it’s a good job thank you so much for helping me.”

“Kenny has always gone above and beyond to give us the best service. We can call or email anytime and know we will get a quick response. We will keep on referring Forest Park Insurance. Thank you for all you do!”

“Great service! I don’t have to stress about anything :)”

“It’s the personal touch, you’re not just a policy number with Kenny and the gang, you’re someone special., Fast, efficient and caring service. What else can you ask for?”

“Kenny and staff are always quick to respond, easy to get ahold of, and professional to talk with.”

“Friendly service and timely responses.”

“Answer all my question and Friendly service every time I call.”

“You return calls in a timely manner. You answer questions and help me find the right insurance. You do the best you can do for me. On a personal level, you’ve got a sense of humor, you need that in this world, basically a good a human. Always a pleasure.”

“Kenny is genuinely interested in helping you and your family regarding your insurance needs.”

“Fast and friendly service. You always find a way to fix my situation.”

“Kenny and his team are one of the most reliable and respectful companies that I have partnered with for both my business and personal insurance needs.”

“Honesty, integrity, exceptional service, prompt and helpful, all come to mind. I could be more effusive but I think the picture is clear.”

“Always incredibly responsive and if you don’t know the answer to my question, you research or call the right people for me that do have the answers and get back to me asap.”

“Always answer phone. great service, insurance I understand I can count on you.”

“I appreciate your responsiveness, and your accountability. I like the size of your business. I always feel that I’m receiving personalize attention and care. Your annual holiday card makes me feel like family, and I feel that you are available when I need you. Thank you!”

“You take good care of your customers.”

“We love the kind approach you take for answering questions. They are often “stupid” questions and we know it, but you and your staff always act like it is the most important matter being dealt with that day and that your time is never wasted. It is wonderful that you carry a broad variety of business which makes for one stop shopping for clients like us.”

“You are attentive, responsive, and provide cogent and worthwhile advice.”

“You guys are great as you are not needy. You don’t pester me with emails about all your services or any specials. I deeply appreciate that!”

“Kenny is always prompt, accurate and professional in his communications, and very easy to work with. Highly recommended!”

“Kenny responds quickly and accurately to my questions. He is a terrific service provider.”

“It is really important to me to have an insurance company that is family owned. Because I am treated as more than just a policy. I have been with them for multiple years and have always been treated with respect and with prompt and efficient service. Thank you Forest Park!”

“Responsive. Good consulting on pricing/ packaging. Thanks!”

“Customer Care, prompt service, best product for lowest price.”

“We always get quick and helpful service.”

“Always quick to respond when issues/questions come up.”

“Kenny has always been very responsive and helped with even the little things.”

“I like your ability to answer questions, even if they are not what we wanted to hear…….like the increase to insure cars and houses!!”

“We met Kenny a couple of years ago. He is a wonderful and caring guy. He is always there with your questions and concerns. We are so happy working with Forest Park company.”

“Always quick to respond when issues/questions come up.”

“Any type of communication (mail, email, phone) is quick, professional, clear, and most importantly, timely. We also appreciate that we can talk to someone right away, and we always get a response immediately. Thanks!”

“Very quick responses to questions!”

“The Zener Team is always professional & friendly. Our insurance needs are taken care of and their pricing is competitive. They provide peace of mind.”

“Always available, and responsive in the quickest way. Also very kind people to do business with.”

“Took care of me right away. Quickly had my account information.”

“Forest Park Insurance went above & beyond our expectations! I had been thinking of changing my auto insurance office for many months. I procrastinated because it was a huge decision after being with the same office for decades. FPI provided us all of their patience-listening to us and answering all our questions. They provided me with greater coverage at a better price. We were so impressed we asked them to take over our umbrella & home owners insurance policies as well. We could not be more pleased or feel more secure. We have complete peace with our decision. We gained the benefit of decades of knowledge & experience by a local family-owned company. In addition to the greater coverage at a better cost, we believe we cannot put a price tag on this family’s integrity. We are referring them to everyone we know. Thank you, Zener family and personnel! We are very happy to be part of the FPI family.”

“Forest Park is an independent insurer and thus has multiple companies to choose from for specific insurance needs. This is what I needed for my own specific requirements.”

“You’ve been very helpful to my grandson when he has had questions and issues that have arisen regarding car insurance and theft of possessions.”

“You always there for your clients. Very helpful.”

“Kenny and his office staff always go above and beyond to help us with any questions we have about our policies. They are all very knowledgeable about insurance and take the time to explain it. Also when we had two accidents where we were rear ended they were extremely fast in handling our claim with the other companies.”

“You have the clients best interest.”

“Attentive and fast-responding, competent and knowledgeable, and you listened very well to what we wanted and needed.”

“Kenny is always quick to respond and helpful. We’ve been doing business with him for years.”

“Great personalized service with good products and prices.”

“It is never easy when a problem arises when you need insurance. We are so grateful having Forest Park insurance in our time of need. They have always been there standing beside us in our time of stress. I just cannot say enough about this group.”

“Forest Park linked me with Progressive insurance and the claim and following process was made so easy and reassuring by the agents I felt completely understood and taken care of; I would recommend their service to anybody.”

“Kenny is always quick to respond and helpful. We’ve been doing business with him for years.”

“Best service anywhere. If you need insurance check with Kenny first. I don’t even entertain thoughts of switching when other agencies contact me. I have had business insurance with his company for 20 years and will do so as long as I work.”

“My dad is very well pleased with Forest Park Insurance Services, Inc. He’s been a client for many, many years and ongoing. Thank you Forest Park Insurance for al. you put out to keep your clients satisfied. John Hawk and daughter, Marie Hawk.”

“If I met someone who has insurance or driving problems I would be hesitant telling them about Forest park. I wouldn’t refer a problem child to them.”

“You guys are different from other insurance companies. When I have a question or need help You guys make it easy and make it feel like you really want to help. I get Nothing but good vibes from u guys.”

“Emails about coverages, etc. plus quick and thorough responses to my questions and concerns.”

“I like that you check to see which company is best for me and my insurance needs.”

“You are always available to answer questions.”

“It’s been great working with you! You’ve provided us with the insurance and it’s been easy communicating with you! Keep up the good work!”

“Hi Kenny, I was afraid, when I first started to open your thank you card, maybe you were selling the business. I’m so happy with you and Forest Park Ins. Larry McCabe would be very proud of Forest Park Ins and how it has grown.”

“Great communication about changes. Provided 2 solid sets of quotes and pointed out positives and negatives of both. I feel you will be there with answers when I need to call.”

“Answer phone quickly when needed and you went the extra mile when things were a bit out of ordinary.”

“Kenny and his team continue to be customer service focused and I could not be happier with their responsiveness and knowledgeability. I continue to recommend them to anyone I know that has insurance needs.”

“Helped us save money by reviewing our insurance coverage at renewal without us having to ask.”

“I love the family atmosphere. They are always available when I have questions. Good questions or not-so-good questions. And they do so much for the community. Wouldn’t change agents for anything.”

“You always know who I am when I call with a question and have always been very helpful.”

“Kenny and his staff always available to help us on any questions. Also, they are very knowledgeable.”

“Very friendly and helpful.”

“Fast response, fair price and easily done.”

“Just perfect!”

“Kenny and his team have been helping my family for 21 years! They are the absolute best in customer service. Always quick to respond, and always tailoring insurance options to their customers’ needs.”

“Always quick to respond to queries with thorough and easy-to-understand answers. Plus, very proactive in reaching out to us to see that our needs are being met in ways that we may have not considered.”

“I like the personal contact that is always there. And I don’t have to do the shopping around for better pricing.”

“Very responsive to questions and offering fair and thoughtful advice about options when we are considering changes to our policy.”

“Company continues to Lower my rates the older I get, company Rocks!”

“We have been with a Forest Park Insurance for over 34 years. They have insured our home, vehicles, taken care of insuring our children when started to drive. Kenny is wonderful, knowledgeable. Great company! Thank you!”

“Over the last 10+years you have always helped us make insurance decisions and been so supportive and prompt on finding the best insurance at the right time for us. Kids driving, to homeowners coverage. We have loved the fact that we can call, and get answers from real people! Thank you.”

“You are always quick to respond to my questions and answer them completely, plus everyone in the office is so pleasant to work with.”

“I got prompt instructions on how to pay you when I paid off my mortgage. The friendly review some months ago was really thorough.”

“Forest Park Insurance Services has provided the best customer service we could ask for, always going above and beyond to ensure that we are taken care of. I would recommend to anyone!”

“In a time of information saturation amid efforts to disrupt the insurance industry, I’ve really appreciated Kenny’s unvarnished, fact-based advice on the risks I face if I cut corners on my insurance coverage. I find his responsiveness, thoroughness and high level of customer service particularly reassuring.”

“We really appreciate the personalized service we receive – as though we’re part of a family. We always get an immediate response when we need help and extra advice that has been helpful over the years as we raised our family.”

“You are very prompt at getting back to me. I think you have set me up with appropriate insurances to cover my needs. I will check in with you for advice and know you will be helpful.”

“Friendly, honest, and trustworthy.”

“Everyone is always friendly and helpful and follow-up till the end on anything I have had to deal with my insurance.”

“Always responsive, always helpful, always cheerful and ready to assist.”

“Kenny is proactive in helping me manage my insurance needs while providing options and competitive solutions that fit my family’s needs. While I have compared rates with top rated providers I know no other firm could possibly provide the personalized and professional services from everyone at Forest Park Insurance. As a customer for more than thirty-four years I pleased to know I have an agent who cares and always returns my calls.”

“You have always taken care of any issues I’ve occurred in a very reasonable matter… very helpful and very pleasant staff…. thank you!”

“We always appreciate the individualized attention that you give to our insurance needs and questions. Thank you!”

“Kenny is always a pleasure to work with, he is always going the extra mile to make sure that everything is perfect. In fact the whole group is like that I hope that I never need to change insurance companies this one is like family to me. Thank you everyone for giving 200%. Linda Lightfoot very happy customer!!!”

“The FPI team is always quick to answer our call. I have never been let down by the team. Appreciate the calls back and answers to questions about my policy/coverage, how to ensure I’m covered for whatever life throws our way and what kinds of tips I should consider when traveling/renting a car, moving etc. The FPI team has been a trusted team for us for over 15 years!”

“We are happy with your service!!”

“Fast, friendly service. Having only visited a couple of times in person you remembered my name from the get go. It’s an appreciated talent that makes me feel much better about my choice regardless of the insurance details.”

“Besides the great savings I received when switching this service, Robin McCarthy has been wonderful at customer service in answering questions and getting paperwork to me that I’ve requested. Also everyone was really patient with me when I was finding a new vehicle and getting estimates on insurance rates of the prospects I was looking at! I wasn’t even signed up at first with Forest Park Insurance Services yet so I really appreciated everything.”

“You offer the best service for low cost insurance and you do it with a smile!!”

“Great customer service!”

“You provide good service! You know who I am and understand my priorities; you make good recommendations about “appropriate coverage”; you reply to queries efficiently; you help resolve billing issues; you offer good value – thanks Kenny & Lyndsie!”

“Great customer service.. I have been with forest park insurance for 15 years now .. Kenny and his team are wonderful to work with and very knowledgeable! They all go the extra mile to find their clients the best and cheapest insurance rates ! Highly recommend.”

“I like the fact that options are explained and pros/cons reviewed. Also very prompt in responding and easy to communicate with. We appreciate the service provided.”

“Professional, helpful.”

“Always helpful and quick response to a question or problem.”

“The service has always been timely and everybody is very friendly.”

“Awesome customer service with very fair prices.”

“Customer service is quick, helpful, and informative.”

“You are thorough, proactive, and great to work with.”

“Service was timely and accurate. Great to do business with this office.”

“Forest Park Insurance has always provided timely response to any questions or issues we may have – always good service.”

“You’ve been there for every need I’ve had so far! Thank you! Rainey and her Model X Tesla❤️”

“Very knowledgeable and helpful. Always ready to help and answer my questions.”

“We have had some issues with our mortgage company and you always respond in a positive and timely manner.”

“Your company is wonderful & so is the staff…just continue mailing me information since I don’t have a computer at home and have to go to a library…you can always text me on my phone in an emergency or urgent matter or to let me know you emailed me something…thanks, Wendy Peterson.”

“You take the time to watch out for our interests and even if it may cost you, you still give us advice on what our best choices are ie: like when you said that Hartford was changing so decided rather than stay with them we asked you to find another solution for us. I also liked that you found me the best value for my old truck.”

“You’re very timely with your responses, friendly, helpful and understanding. It’s nice to have someone you can trust when it comes to insurance.”

“Always quick response when I have questions/problems.”

“I would highly recommend Forest Park Insurance. They are very quick in response to any questions and have helped me find the best deals for our family’s automobile coverage’s.”

“Very responsive. Customer service oriented.”

“Everything, always. Thank you all.”

“We have always received excellent support from your Company. We also appreciate the follow through and communication from your employees. We have had other Insurance Companies in the past and were treated like “take a number and we’ll get back to you”.”

“Super nice, knowledgeable, and always available. Thanks again, Ron”

“You always know who I am and I don’t have to repeat my whole story to some stranger every time I call! 🙂 Also the prompt email communication is very handy.”

“Great response to all questions. Very willing to take time to answer questions.”

“You have always answered my questions and concerns promptly.”

“You are always very helpful and I appreciate that!”

“Kenny is always very responsive and helpful when we have questions or an event. Have been with this company for over 35 years and never considered changing due to the great service we receive.”

“Always Friendly and positive. Forest Park Insurance quickly provides the the information and quotes I ask for and need.”

“Great service.. Saves us money every year and I feel like you and your team are always looking out for us. Always willing to answer questions and provide suggestions.”

“We feel that your agency gives the personal touch and takes the time to thoroughly explain insurance benefits and options.”

“Anytime I ever had a problem or a question the solution was always immediate I’ve always felt welcome never rushed and I was always greeted with a woman friendly attitude from everyone in the office.”

“Forest Park Insurance has been taking care of my business insurance for decades. Always professional and friendly. Highly recommended. You return calls in a timely manner. You answer questions and help me find the right insurance. You do the best you can do for me. On a personal level, you’ve got a sense of humor, you need that in this world, basically a good a human. Always a pleasure. Raymond”

“Forest Park Insurance Services is a first class company that has always put the customer first. If I have any kind of an issue, Kenny goes out of his way to address it quickly and goes to great lengths to give a simple explanation of how the system works and offers options available to take care of it. He has my complete trust to take care of my insurance needs.”

“good people, one less hassle”

“Always Friendly and positive. Forest Park Insurance quickly provides the the information and quotes I ask for and need.”

“It’s like having family in the insurance industry.”

“You always do everything right!”

“Friendly and informative face to face service. As well as s nice Thank you card for our business.”

“Fast friendly service!”

“Kenny is always Johnny on the spot with excellent service.”

“You help us get the answers we need. We can always count on your advice and the advice of those who you refer us to.”

“Always very helpful and great service. You were able to find us a policy when others could not.”

“Kenny and his crew make you feel like one of the family. Can’t beat the service and expert advice.”

“Always friendly and have great insurance at the right price.”

“We’ve been with Kenny & team for years now. Always there when needed. Quick responses to questions & Inquiry’s. Great service. Thank you.”

“You were quick to respond. You gave the correct answer.”

“I believe I’ve been with you for 25 years. I was 17 when I was put on my parents insurance and now I’m an adult and still have you guys. I’ve always had a great experience with everyone there and when my little boy becomes a teenager, he’ll have you as well. Thank you!”

“You and your staff are very professional and helpful in every way. Kenny explains the details like no one else can!”

“Kenny and his team are amazing, always on top of everything. Very professional and very accessible.”

“Kenny has been my agent since 1996 when they were in Lake Forest Park. His team is always on top of everything. They return calls promptly and will help you open claims and explain the details. I highly recommend Forest Park Insurance!”

“Always following up to questions with answers. Never leaving us in the lurch. Monitoring our account to make improvements to keep us well covered. Thank You”

“Kenny & Lyndsie have been amazing in helping me and my sisters with our insurance for car, business and home! I recommend them to everyone I know!”

“Fast friendly service. They do right by their customers not by their profit!:-)”

“I appreciate the personal customer service at Forest Park Insurance every time! Thank you Kenny and staff.”

“Nice people!”

“Professional, personable, helpful, answers the phone, nice.”

“Made the meeting at a convenient time, friendly visit and complete answers. This was all as expected from our previous time with the Winner Construction liability policy. John”

“You were right on top of my request for coverage and knew exactly the questions to ask to get the information needed to place coverage very quickly.”

“Forest Park Insurance is always quick to respond and very friendly!”

“Forest Park Insurance provides us peace of mind with our Insurance needs for both Home & Auto.”

“Been with you guys for 20 years or more. Always on top of things for me . Great service!!”

“Forest Park Insurance is always ready to help and answer any questions that I may have. They are knowledgeable and will offer advice if needs be. I’ve been very pleased in working with Forest Park Insurance over the years and will continue to do so.”

“Knowledgeable, friendly service.”

“Kenny you are very personable and helpful. Teach your people to be like you.”

“Recently, I rec’d a dreaded traffic ticket out of town. Sickened, I immediately paid the fine undisputed. A couple weeks later someone mentioned a deferred ticket option. Still sickened over the event, I thought it was too late for a deferral. I value my driving record & my perfect insurance package from Forest Park. A little embarassed I called Stephanie at Forest Park. She was very kind, listened to my story and encouraged me to contact the court at least to ask. I followed her advice and called them. I called them, completed paperwork & it was deferred. All because of the personalized service and patience from Stephanie who simply gave me the nudge of hope I needed. This is just an example of the investment Forest Park has in personalized customer service…not an easy find these days. I am so grateful to this family owned insurance company.”

“Kenny and the rest of the team at Forest Park Insurance make insurance easy to navigate. They are all so friendly, knowledgable and I now have peace of mind that we have the right type and amount of insurance for my business and personal policies so that our family is covered. I highly recommend Forest Park insurance!”

“Knowledgeable staff”

“Lindsey and Kenny are the second generation of a family business. We did business with Lindsey’s mom and dad before Lindsey was born and she and Kenny continue the tradition of excellent service. They’re the best!”

“We love the personal and quick responses to our questions. They provide good solutions and options to handle your needs.”

“I appreciate Kenny’s industry knowledge and expertise. I feel I can trust his recommendations.”

“Great customer service. Watches out over there customers.”

“Kenny and company are always ready and willing to answer questions and help when needed.”

“You’re always available to us for questions and answers. Our adult children now go to you also for their insurance needs.”

“It’s like working with Family a very close family with my best always in mind. Everything is explained clearly and my best in mind. No fast talking trying to sell me more. Old fashion business style service and more service.”

“Kenny has always been super great and attentive to work with. I have and will continue to recommend them to anyone I can. They make insurance painless!”

“Always helpful staff”

“We have been very happy with the great customer service we have received from Kenny and his team. They are very kind and really take the time to help us understand our policies. I would definitely recommend them.”

“Excellent and friendly staff who are competent”

“Very kind and professional. Responsive, knowledgeable and helpful. I recommend this agency.”

“Prompt and friendly replies. Thank you.”

“Quick response time.”

“You did everything right.”

“It’s just that I have always had Excellent Service with you guys .”

“I appreciate you answering emails promptly and being happy to assist. I am comforted knowing that I have a friend who would be willing to help me with all my insurance needs.”

“You all saved us some big buck on our car insurance and, you have water/sewer line insurance. I’ll be back in in January to get that going.”

“Hi Kenny, You and your staff are always so pleasant and get back to me, quickly, with any questions I have. We were in Alaska, visiting my daughter and family when the earthquake hit, it was terrifying. Some broken things, could have been worse. I’m so happy we have earthquake insurance, hope we never have to use it !! Just nice to know we have it. Merry Christmas to all and thanks for the card.”

“Kenny and his insurance team at Forest Park Insurance Services have set the customer service bar impossibly high. I have never experienced their equal in responsiveness, knowledge, and friendliness. I continue to recommend them to everyone I know who is looking for an insurance agent that offers that elusive combination of personalized service and good value.”

“I love this insurance company they are always respectful always kind and get back to you immediately when you have a question go out of their way to make sure that price wise you’re right in the ballpark wouldn’t change”

“What I like is the phone is answered by a person; I explain my concern and it gets answered as soon as possible! Customer service is GREAT!! Thanks very much!”

“Any time I call with a question is answered Promptly or an need of a document is addressed promptly”

“This agency’s attention to detail and responsiveness to questions are outstanding. Truly the best insurance experience I’ve ever had.”

“Kenny and his staff rock. He is very patient to explain their service. Always available and take care my questions/business.”

“You are just great people.”

“Honesty, integrity, friendly”

“In a word, you CARE.”

“Always very helpful whenever we have an issues or any questions”

“Forest Park insurance works to make sure that you are constantly getting the best coverage for the best price!”

“Really appreciate the excellent follow up and thorough process.”

“Always quick to respond when we have questions. Professional but very personable service every time. We feel well taken care of.”

“Great customer service! If I ever have to leave a message a phone call back is always received the same day. The easy online account information and payment is a plus.”

“I have been doing business with this company for years. They friendly and helpful. I trust them to take care of me.”

“Very, very, helpful with setting up our policy. Helped us out that day with answers and a quote. Service was super!”

“Current professional technical knowledge, proactive communication, friendly helpful attitude and courteous manner. Everything one could want in an insurance partner.”

“Small independently owned office: you remember my name, you are quick to answer my queries, you’ve always been fair and let me know when rates could be better, or coverage more complete. I’ve recommended you to family and neighbors. Thank you for your terrific service.”

“Answered all my questions in understandable language.”

“Responsive, nice and very knowledgeable!”

“Kenny and staff are good listeners and ready to assist. Any issue is regarded with consideration and honest regard and go the extra mile to accommodate if possible. Always genuinely pleasant and thoughtful. Kenny and staff are hard working and put their clients first.”

“You’ve found low cost auto, home and umbrella policies for me. You’re helping me with an insurance claim for lost/stolen jewelry.”

“Not only knowledgeable, but personable, reliable, available, friendly. Couldn’t ask for better agents or organization.”

“Kenny has always tried his best to get us the most value for our needs. I am however nervous about the upcoming increases in insurance rates!”

“You take the time to talk us through things to make sure that we fully understand and you anyways find the time for us!”

“Always an immediate call back if message left. Gently guide me through the process and answer questions in language I can understand.”

“I love Kenny’s friendly spirit, his willingness to fit within my budget, and forgiveness if it doesn’t work out. I’ve worked with him for nearly 20 years. My favorite part is when he scans his other companies to see if they can give me a lower price. I occasionally switch companies because the second gave better coverage at a lower price than the first. As someone whose never flush with funds, i’m willing to pay a tad more for better coverage if that’s what the policy can offer. (use Adrienne :))”

“You guys are good at what you do.”

“Kenny and his team are great to work with and I appreciate them watching out for our needs, whether personal or business insurance. When it comes to renewals, reviewing specific business needs or a “fender bender” on our personal policy, Kenny is always there.”

“Always quick and helpful service. We appreciate the customer service!”

“Appreciate your team’s responsiveness and you consistently seem to genuinely put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Thank you : )”

“Everyone is very helpful when a question arises. We are very happy with our coverage. We have a manufactured home and some insurers won’t insure. We were referred to Kenny’s agency by a friend and have been with him for over 6 years.”

“We have had other Insurance companies before but Forest Park Insurance has been the best ever. We keep getting offers from other companies to switch to them but we know that Forest Park is the only company we will stay with due to their honest support and always being there for us when we needed their help. This is the best company we have EVER had.”

“Friendly staffs and great services”

“Erin and Stephanie were quick to respond and clear in answering all my questions. They came up with a genius solution to a tricky insurance need I had!”

“We appreciate Stephanie’s continuing help in determining whether it is cost effective to file a claim for flooding at our rental, and for having Erin take the initiative to check other insurer’s”

“Quick to communicate, clear options, friendly!!!”

“You make an effort to bring down the price of our insurance.”


“Always take a personal interest in my questions or concerns to provide solutions. I feel that They focus 100% on me.”

“Everyone at Forest Park treats me like family !!”

“Was very impressed by the prompt response from Kenny. He found me the insurance I was looking for at a good rate. Would highly recommend you guys.”

“Appreciate your immediate response to my inquiries and the fact that you take the time to discuss options to help me make a informed decision I have only positive things to say about your services which has been consistent over the 10 years I’ve been with you Thank you Karl Corrothers”

“You had personalized service and made every effort to save me money while maintaining excellent coverage!”

“I was happy to have the somewhat daunting task of setting up business insurance so simplified by Kenny at Forest Park. He was patient and very helpful with both selecting the right insurance and making the process as easy as possible!”

“Been a customer for many years now… Always been helped with questions or other matters. Thank you.”

“Everything you guys do is right as far as we are concerned , many tks”

“Great customer service. Always on top of any changes to policies and continuously helps with cost savings. We will definitely continue to partner with Forest Park Insurance!”

“Your caring is the difference when providing insurance coverage.”

“Great service”

“Very patient and friendly customer service. My questions and concerns are always thoroughly addressed.”

“I appreciate the ability to communicate in a way that is easiest for me and my family. Kenny is extremely responsive and will answer any question no matter how big or small. He always looks out for what is best for the client and makes recommendations accordingly. Appreciate the partnership.”

“We have been with Forest Park Insurance for years. They have always gone above and beyond to help us with all of our insurance needs. Kenny has made sure we are covered with the best coverage available at the best price. Thank you for all you do!”

“In the last 25 years you have always worked hard to keep my business with honest and competitive pricing”

“We have been clients for many years now. Great customer service, local, informative newsletters.”

“Forest Park Insurance You have taking care of our needs, with a fair price and very good service. Forest Park staff is friendly and of good cheer, professionals with a smile.”

“Kenny is great! He always makes time for me when I drop by unannounced. He is professional, supportive and makes it easy to understand insurance. Thank you Kenny and the entire awesome staff at Forest Park!”

“Great customer service!”

“The customer service was great. I called and spoke with Erin. After assessing my needs, she emailed me a quote within a few hours. I called the next day to confirm the quote. Erin was out but Kenny was able to help out and within a matter of minutes I had insurance. Overall experience was outstanding and I would highly recommend your services to anyone.”

“I appreciate the way staff advocates for me & my issues. Also, excellent communications, I never have to wonder who is doing what for my account because you communicate so well.”

“You were very helpful and answered all my questions.”

“You were extremely helpful and patiently answered each of my questions. Everybody was so courteous and I feel a sense of security knowing that my insurance needs are being well taken care of. Thank you very much! Sincerely, Laura shields”

“This team is great. They’re very friendly and accommodating when I asked the to print and mail my cards. It’s difficult sometimes to show balance between professionalism and courtesy and F.P.I. is phenomenal at it. They know me by name, and not just because they have caller ID. There is no one else I trust to insure my family and they’ve been doing it very successfully for many years.”

“Friendly, professional, accurate.”

“Responsiveness. I always get a timely response to my questions and I know you will be there for me when I need you.”

“Each and every contact with the office has been warm and professional. I had been very happy with my business policies so I moved My personal stuff there as well. My questions got answered and I appreciated all the products they offered. The office presents itself as a family and they share the things they value as a family in their business. I really like that, I would like my clients to see my business that way.”

“Always prompt and friendly service!”

“I always have the feeling I can ask any question and you always have time to answer them completely. I appreciate the security I feel with you and your company.”

“Everyone at Forest Park Insurance has been incredibly responsive, helpful and compassionate following my auto accident. Phone calls and emails are answered promptly, and information provided has been clear. When they promise documents, etc., they deliver!”

“No matter what the question, or how many times I need to ask, everyone at Forest Park continues to provide the best personalized customer service. I believe one of the greatest factors separating them from other insurance business, is that it is 2nd generation family-owned and managed. It’s personal to the Zeners, and they treat their employees & clientele personally. This level of customer care is approaching extinction. I feel completely secure and confident with all my insurance needs through Forest Park Insurance. Thank you Zeners for rescuing me!! You are A+”

“You guys are always there when we call and get right back to me when I have a question.”

“You guys are always there when we call and get right back to me when I have a question.”

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